La Puta i la Ramoneta

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La Puta i la Ramoneta


A game base on additions and subtractions that need sight, skill and cunning! As Catalan politics.

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La Puta and Ramoneta is a card game of political fiction to undo the tie between Catalonia and Spain. Independentists, spanish nationalists, regionalists and other characters have their goals. Play cards the best you know to add and subtract points for your opponents. Each character can negotiate and thus “make the slut or little Ramona”, what means “trick or prevent deception”.

This is not a realistic game, but any resemblance to reality is not accidental. Because politics behaves like a game. More information on the project full page social critic.

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Entrevista amb el President Mas

"La Puta i la Ramoneta: el joc" al programa Divendres - TV3

La Puta i la Ramoneta, El Joc de la Política Catalana